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A good, comprehensive knowledge of web design and development is currently one of the most important things a graduating graphic design student can offer when looking for employment. Web designers, developers and coders are among the most sought after employees, and not surprisingly, the highest paid.

As our world transitions more and more from a print based environment to a web, mobile and multimedia based one, designers with the ability to design, build and/or code websites and multimedia applications will only continue to become more and more valuable.

Many students graduating from Graphic Design programs all over the country are woefully unprepared for such an environment. Students are simply not receiving the training they need to take advantage of the vast opportunities available to them in the existing job market. Most of them must learn these skills on their own.

Our Classes

Watkins currently has a great reputation for educating students in web and multimedia based mediums. We currently offer three in-depth classes on web design and development. The current classes cover basic HTML, CSS, Flash, jQuery, PHP and more. We’re hoping to offer lots more classes in the not so distant future. We’re already working on plans to offer a “concentration” in Web Development for students enrolled in the Graphic Design program. Our goal is to make Watkins the best place possible for students to learn about web design, web development, multimedia, mobile app development and more.

Our Philosophy

We view teaching as an opportunity to explore new information with students and to create a genuine interest in, and excitement about, the fields and areas we are exploring. It is not our goal to simply “fill students up with information,” but rather to help them develop the talents and skills necessary for them to grow in their studies. We want each of our students to come away from our classes not only knowing more than when they began, but with an actual, honest appreciation of the subject and a desire to learn even more.

We believe that students will learn the most when they are placed in an environment that allows them to explore the subject matter in a personal manner. Every student is different. Every student learns in a different way. Every student grows and develops in a unique manner. It is up to us to discover the potential that lies within each student and to nurture those capabilities. Relating to each student on a personal, one to one basis, working hard to understand what they need to succeed and helping them in whatever way possible to fulfill the promise that lies within them, is the very nature of teaching.

Our goal is to help each student find their own path through the world of web design and development. Whether they are more interested in and suited for work as a “designer” or a “developer,” our intention is to find something that they can relate to, develop an interest in and possibly even become passionate about.

We also believe very strongly that students learn by doing. Because a lot of web design and development is very “information intensive” it is critical to present students with lots of opportunities to put their new found knowledge into practical usage. Without these frequent, concrete, hands on experiences, few student swill succeed.

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