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Trip To France Meeting

By Steve Wilkison | No Comments
Cafe In Vence

An outside cafe in Vence, just outside of Nice

Thursday, July 14th, 12 noon, room 801

Yep, we’re going to France. Steve Wilkison will be leading a group of Watkins students (and maybe staff and faculty as well) to France in May 2012. Actually, the trip is open to just about anyone. So, you’re welcome to bring your boyfriend, girlfriend, Mom, Dad, husband, wife, etc. And you don’t even have to be a Watkins student to come along. Really, anyone can sign up to come with us. The more the merrier!

We’ll have our first informal information meeting on Bastille Day, Thursday, July 14th at 12 noon in room 801 (upstairs above the cafe). Bastille Day is a huge French holiday, their equivalent of our Fourth Of July. There’s no obligation, this is strictly an informational meeting to answer questions, tell stories and find out who might be interested in going with us. You’ll have plenty of time to make up your mind, you won’t need to make any commitment at the meeting.

Steve’s going to bring lots of books, guides, maps and other French related materials for us all to look through and get excited over.

We’ll provide lunch!

We’ll leave Nashville on May 15th and return on May 26th. That gives us 12 glorious days in France. We’ll spend three days in Paris and then begin traveling around the country. We’ll stop in Chartres, St. Malo, Normandy, Rouen, Nice, Monaco & Eze. If you’ve never been to France, this is the trip you’ve been waiting for.

Steve’s been to France almost two dozen times and he really knows his way around. Some say he’s obsessed with the country (they might be right). We’ll also have a dedicated guide 24/7 while we’re there.

You can get lots more info about the trip, including details and costs here.

Watkins students can even sign up for college credit from the trip!

So make sure to drop by and visit with us.

Fall Classes Begin August 18th

By Steve Wilkison | No Comments

Fall ClassesWe’ll be offering three Web Development classes this Fall: Web Development I, Web Development II and Web Development III. All three classes are required for current Graphic Design majors. Steve Wilkison will be teaching Web I & Web III, James Muspratt will be teaching Web II.

Web Development I is an introductory course which covers basic HTML and CSS. Web Development II builds upon the material in Web I and continues to explore HTML and CSS, as well as several other technologies. Web Development III is a “lab” course designed to give students lots and lots of hands on practical experience building websites and putting their skills to use.

Depending upon enrollment, some classes may be open to non Graphic Design majors. So, if you’re majoring in something else but want to learn about Web Design, or if you’re not a current student at Watkins but would like to take one of these classes, please contact us. We’d love to have you in the classroom.

You can learn more about each class at on the Classes page of this website.

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