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Envato Freelance App Bundle

By Steve Wilkison | No Comments

Freelance Mac App BundleEnvato is offering a “Freelance App Bundle” that includes eight Mac apps, a book about freelancing and three bonus files for the low price of $49. The items normally sell for over $300. These “bundles” are usually really great deals, especially if you don’t already own any of the software included. This one is specifically geared towards “freelancers” but I think the apps, files and book would be very helpful for anyone, especially students. Here’s what you get:

  • 1Password (worth if for this alone!, a great password app that saves you tons of time, I couldn’t live without it)
  • Billings (time billing software)
  • Text Expander (a great typing shortcut utility ┬áthat I use often)
  • LittleSnapper (screenshot and website capture)
  • WriteRoom (writing software)
  • Radium (internet radio)
  • Arq (online backup)
  • Alarms (task management)
  • How To Be A Rockstar Freelancer Book
  • Translucent Business Card template
  • Highlight WordPress Theme
  • Ultimate Client Manager

You can find the bundle at the Envato Code Canyon website. But hurry, the deal ends on June 29th.

New Computers!

By Steve Wilkison | No Comments

Oh, yeah, they’re here! New computers in 205. And they are awesome. We’ve got 15 brand-spankin’ new iMacs. I stopped by today and they were in the process of installing them all and setting them up. Then they’ve got to install all the software (including CS5.5 I’m being told!) and after that we’ll be up and running. Specs you ask? Sure thing:

  • 27″ 16:9 widescreen LED-backlit glossy display (that’s 2560px by 1440px resolution)
  • 2.7GHz quad-core processor
  • 4GB of memory (two 2GB chips)
  • 1TB hard drive (that’s TB, as in a terabyte, 1,000 GBs)

Now, here’s something those of you who know me will find amusing and ironic. The “teacher’s” computer is only a damn 21.5″ version! So, all you students get nice, big 27″ monitors and I get a little stinking 21.5″ one. Something about the interface with the overhead projector I’m told. I think someone just thinks it’s fun to torture me! Here’s a shot I took while they were setting up these puppies:

New Computers

A Concentration In Web Development

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A Concentration In Web DevelopmentYes, it’s true. As some of you may have heard we are hoping to begin offering a “concentration” or “track” in Web Development as part of the Graphic Design program here at Watkins. If everything goes well, before too long any Graphic Design major may opt to “concentrate” on Web Development. We’re still in the very early planning stages of working out all the details, so stay tuned and we’ll let you know as things develop.

This is great news and it’s been a long time coming. Web development, web design, interactive media, mobile app development, Flash design, all of this and more is a huge field right now and more and more employers are looking for skilled, educated graduates who can work in these areas. We want to take Watkins to the forefront of what colleges and universities are doing and make our school the place to come if you want to learn about Web Development. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll even have a complete Web Development Department!

The Watkins Web Blog

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The Watkins Web BlogAs part of this new site dedicated to the Web Development classes at Watkins we are starting up a special blog. Steve will be posting regularly to this blog, but all students, both current and former, are invited to contribute to the blog. Friends of our are also welcome to contribute. You can write about anything you want (as long as it’s related to the web or other interactive and tech related subjects).

All you need to do is email Steve and he’ll set you up as a contributor on the blog. Then you can share your thoughts, ideas, opinions, complaints, etc. with the rest of the world. And yes, current students will get “extra credit” for participating on the blog. We know you have a lot on your mind so sign up now and start blogging with us.

Fall Classes

By Steve Wilkison | No Comments

Fall ClassesWe’ll be offering three Web Development classes this Fall: Web Development I, Web Development II and Web Development III. All three classes are required for current Graphic Design majors. Steve Wilkison will be teaching Web I & Web III, James Muspratt will be teaching Web II.

Web Development I is an introductory course which covers basic HTML and CSS. Web Development II builds upon the material in Web I and continues to explore HTML and CSS, as well as several other technologies. Web Development III is a “lab” course designed to give students lots and lots of hands on practical experience building websites and putting their skills to use.

Depending upon enrollment, some classes may be open to non Graphic Design majors. So, if you’re majoring in something else but want to learn about Web Design, or if you’re not a current student at Watkins but would like to take one of these classes, please contact us. We’d love to have you in the classroom.

You can learn more about each class at on the Classes page of this website.

Facebook & Twitter

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TwitterWe’ve begun Facebook and Twitter accounts for the Web Development classes at Watkins. Please “like” our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with all the various activities around here. Current students will get lots of benefits from both services, but former students and friends of ours will also find liking and following us to be very worthwhile. Our “department” continues to grow every semester and we have lots to share with you.

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